Finally I can draw and paint until my heart is content. I have been waiting for this time to come since I was very small.

I paint from the heart. About memories of times at the beach, getting sunburned, swimming, looking at the seagulls and pelicans and wondering what they are thinking and relishing in the feel of sand and salt and the sound of the waves. Always I came away from the water feeling refreshed, renewed and with a happy soul. And when I paint that memory I am there again.

I have similar memories of walking in the rain forests of Australia with my daughter. How blessed we are to live in such an amazing place with such a plethora of brightly colored birds and butterflies. I get to know them as I paint.

The inspiration for the “Laugh Like No One Is Watching” series comes from the many women I see in my practice. I am a Naturopath and Herbalist and love hearing women’s experience as they transit the challenging but wonderful years called menopause. Most women gain weight during this time of their life as estrogen is looking for somewhere to store itself. To do this the body increases adipose tissue (fat) which then provides the storage space required.One can mourn their youth and hate the extra kilos or celebrate this amazing time of transition. I choose to celebrate it. It is natural. It is wonderful.

My third love is painting eyes. They are the windows of the soul. I use iridology as a tool in my naturopathic practice. I can tell so much about a person and their health status from the color and markings on the iris.

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