Renaissance, a one of the most important and frequently uttered word regarding the history of arts and the development of arts which hugely influenced and arguably shaped the modern art scene as we know it. Seldom in history of human civilization, comes a point which bridges two eras and inspires and instigate a torrent of creativity and individualism in art. From early 14th century to the 1600s, Europe witnessed an astonishing revival of painting, sculpture and architecture centered on Italy. This was the period where legendary paintings were made, which continues to inspire us at whose brilliance we still fondly marvel. This was Renaissance.

When Renaissance was at its inception, Italy was surrounded by the remnants of once great and glorious empire. Art and crafts, mostly painting, were heavy influenced and authorized by the church. They were mainly of the religious and spiritual type. Humanism and realism were mostly absent. Renaissance revived just that. Realism was brought back in the art scenario, and inspired masters of painting innovated new themes and techniques. Commissioned by, not the Church, but families made wealthy by prospering trade relations throughout Europe and orient, artists enjoyed much flexibility to induce classicism and physical realism in their respective art. Not only God but man and his different facets of daily life, his struggle with spirituality along with his involvement and dependency on nature was the subject of paintings inspired by early Greek and Roman art.

Different characteristics of renaissance arts are:
Secularism: Less religious and more physical realism

Classicism: High influence of classical Greek and Roman arts

Nature: Nature and its effect on man was depicted more vividly

Anatomy: Precise human anatomical correctness was maintained

Linear perspective: the appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the viewer allowing more physical realism and accuracy

Symmetry: Balanced proportions for classicism and realism.

Fore shadowing and lighting: Innovative shadowing and lighting was implemented to draw the viewer’s eye to a particular point in the painting.

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