The Bus Project

In the big city we are often physically close to other people. This doesn’t necessarily mean that meaningful interactions or encounters take place. Does the city consist of people who are alone together?

Buses are an example of public transportation that constitute a space where people have to be close to each other. Despite this we manage to create our own private space. This space is not physical but rather achieved by small means. We can opt out of our sometimes loud surroundings, by for example listening to music. The act of listening to music with your headphones on conveys to co-passengers that you don’t wish to be disturbed. We are all physically in one place, but where are we in our minds?

With this project we want to explore private space in public place and look at how people opt in and opt out between the two spheres. Normally we can’t figure out what the person next to us is thinking. With this suggested installation we want to provide the possibility for viewers to enter the public space of a bus and the private space of the individual passenger’s mind.

The exhibition space will mimic the inside of a bus and the viewer can opt in by entering this space. The installation will include life-size photography, audio, video and sculptural elements. LCD-monitors will be put in place as the heads of passengers on the bus. Next to the screens, headphones will hang for the viewer to listen in on the dıfferent individual’s private thoughts or what kind of music they listen to. The incorporation of real materials that overlap the photographic equivalent, such as the mentioned headphones and bags for example, will enable the viewer to “snoop around” in people’s private spheres.

The artwork wishes to enable the audience to reflect over what is going on in their own minds. Where are they while being on the bus? How many are living in the present moment?

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